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1 Hour Consultations

A 1 Hour Consultation is a private appointment with one of our highly trained landscape designers to walk your property and discuss your landscape concerns and future plans. Topics might include identifying existing plant material, developing a maintenance plan for current landscaping, addresses concerns such as privacy or drainage, identifying and addressing plant problems, brainstorming ideas for new layouts, affirming plans for DIY projects, simple suggestions for plant or hardscape materials. We can also provide recommendations to a variety of outdoor industries, including local plant nurseries, stone yards, landscape contractors, irrigation, drainage and lighting specialists, home remodelers, builders, fence and deck installers. You are encouraged to take lots of notes, as no formal design or materials list is included with this meeting.

  • On site or at our office
  • Home or business
  • Limitless Options
  • Get a game plan for your dream design
  • Great Value
  • Patios/Walkways